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Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
until we meet again.
— Unknown
Las despedidas no son para siempre.
Las despedidas no son el final.
Ellos simplemente quieren decir Te echaré de menos
hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo.
— Desconocido
Mark Ambrose

Mark was well known for his skills as a hitter, his competitive spirit, and his care-free personality. Primarily playing with the Fritz team for much of his career, Mark was a member of Fritz 1992 World Series Championship team in Los Angeles. Died September 2015.

Allen Amen

Paradise, Copley Flair - Player, Rod Lawrence's partner, fundraising drag shows.

Jeff Barmeyer

Ramrod, Bolts - 3rd Baseman (3B), Outfielder (OF). Although playing a relatively short BSL career, he was a very good player who made an impact.

Rudy Becerra
HOF'06, 1980's

Ramrod, 1270, Chaps - 2B - All around athlete, tough competitor, BSL volunteer, friend to many. A BSL Hall of Fame Inductee.

David Bendinelli

1270, Paradise, Copley Fair - 1B - Speedy player, fun loving, free spirit.

Bruce Berstein

Greenleaf Florists, 1270, Paradise - 1B, OF - Natural player, loved the game. Original League member. Player on 1979 Canada Cup Championship team (Boston's 1st Tournament appearance).

Dick Bozzo

A founding member of the BSL in 1980 and an original member of the Esplanade Softball League in 1978. Dick was often chosen as an All Star, was a second baseman mostly, was a powerful hitter known for hitting home runs, and played in 2 NAGAAA World Series and numerous tournaments. Dick will also be remembered for his sense of humor, and for his generosity and loyalty to his BSL friends. Died October 2015.

Dana Brunelle

Ramrod, Buddies, 1270, Paradise, Fritz - 2B - Tough competitor, hard hitter.

Bob Burch
2000s - 2010's

Fritz, Gators, Blizzard teams - 1B, 3B. This strong framed former US Air Force Sergeant, also varsity & college baseball player, was a hard hitting slugger with one of the most caring and kindest personalities in the BSL. He was a 2 time NAGAAA Gay World Series Champ as a BSL Member (Gators'11 Div B, Blizzard'13 Div B). Died 2018.

Dan Callahan


Ed Carpentier

Ramrod, Buddies, Fenway Falcons - OF - Speedy in the outfield and on basepaths. Playful in nature, and usually the one goofing off in team photos.

Ralph Cella

OF - Ramrod - also bar manager at Ramrod.

Rick Champa

Chaps, Buddies, Fritz - C - Intense competitor, talented player and hitter. Always keeping himself physically strong and in top physical condition.

Dave Champaigne

Buccaneers, Buddies - IF. Low key demeanor, but consistent team and League supporter.

Bill Chouque

Ramrod, RR Spurs, Boston Mets- OF - Good person, free spirit.

Jimmy 'Mario' Collarusso

Ramrod - an original League player.

Kenny Cowen

Uptown, Boston Mets - C - Free spirit, and also former "Mr. P-Town".

John Cutting
HOF'06, 1980's

Ramrod, Paradise - Pitcher - Competitor, known as "John of Arc." Although not physically 'gifted' he was a fierce competitor, once throwing a perfect game (no hits, walks ... in softball?)! A BSL Hall of Fame Inductee.

Peter Dassau

Peter began playing with Fritz in 1992 and then joined the Southenders the following season until 2001 when his business obligations forced him to step away from softball. Primarily a first baseman, he was a member of the 1998 World Series Championship Southenders team. Peter maintained many of his BSL friendships throughout the years. Died August 2015.

Kevin David

Randolph Country Club, Mets, Uptown, RR Spurs, 119 Merrimac, RR Thunder -IF, OF, Coach, BSL Secretary - Friend to all, free spirit.

Kenny Dickerson

119 Riflemen, Blue Roses,Ramrod, Southenders - OF - also a longtime bartender at 119 Merrimac.

Phil Dipietro

Ramrod, Randolph CC - OF, C.

Brian Doris

Ramrod, Blue Roses - OF, C, Coach.

CJ Ghera

Boston Terriers. Died in July 2014

David Glason

Boston Mets, Uptown, Ramrod, RR Spurs - 3B - Loved playing. Died in June 1995

John Guiliani

1st BSL Secretary.

John Hartley

Chaps, Paradise - Coach - Original League member, "Slide Tornpants" was his pen name for the BSL's "On Deck" newsletter article.

Alfredo Herrara

Herbies Ramrod, Boston Ramrod, Fritz - Catcher, 1B, Pitcher - Loved playing, fun loving, practical joker, member of BSL's 1st World Series Champ- Fritz 1992 in Los Angeles.

Dave Hildebrandt

Mike's Gym, Alley Gators - OF - Loved playing, great energy, friend to all.

Don Homer
HOF'10, 1980-'93

Elbow Room, Buddies - OF - Coach, Supporter, BSL Publicist extraordinaire, a BSL Founder, and BSL Hall of Fame Inductee.

Rodney Lawrence

Paradise, Copley Flair, 1270 - IF, utility - Great teammate, sweet nature, also a good performer at team drag events.

Robin MacCormack

As Boston's first 'Liaison to the Gay Community', this public official was a strong friend, supporter, and promoter of Boston Gay Softball from the Esplanade to the Beantown League.

Ed McDaid

Fritz, Club Café: Angels, Crew, OF- Speedy, competitive, knowledgeable, always smiling, and could bust a move!

Mark McGrath
1985 - 2018

33 year BSL Member. Excelled in the field, at the plate, as a coach, and provided pro bono legal advice to BSL Members as well as marrying them. 3 time NAGAAA Gay World Series Champ as a BSL Member (Fritz'92 A Div, Jackhammers'00 B Div, Club Cafe Crew'08 B Div). Inductee of both the NAGAAA and BSL Halls of Fame. Died 2018.

Al McHugh

Luxor, Ramrod Spurs, Bolts, Mike's Gym - 3B, OF, Coach - Talented, competitive, skilled.

Peter Medoff

Luxor - OF, 1B

Steve Melamed

Bayside Betsies - Sponsor. Died December 2010

Wil Mello

Luxor - Coach - BSL Secretary, On Deck Newsletter contributor, partner of Al McHugh. Died December 2010

Billy Moschella

A scrappy player and good hitter, Billy played 2nd and 3rd base for the Chaps and Buddies teams. He was the longtime partner of local gay sports columnist Don Homer who ended his weekly articles with "P.S. Good Night All!, P.P.S. Good Night Billy!" Died December 2015.

Buddy Nash
1980's - 2000's

1270, Boston Ramrod, Randolph CC, and other teams. Pitcher, 50-50 Raffle sales champ, and long time member always happy to be with his BSL friends! Passed away at age 88.

Charlie O'Connell

Ramrod - Ralph Cella's partner, supporter, Ramrod bartender.

Peter Pappas

Chaps, Paradise - IF, OF, C. Original League member. Player on 1979 Canada Cup Championship team (Boston's 1st Tournament appearance).

Rob Parnigoni

Club Cafe Angels - C - Free Spirit, always smiling.

Vinnie Peruzzi
HOF'06, 1980's-2000's

Buddies, Luxor, Mike's Gym, Alley Gators - P, OF, Coach - Free spirit. A popular local radio DJ who loved the game and League, often calling attention to them on the air. A BSL Hall of Fame Inductee.

Jim Pettirutti

Chaps - IF - talented hitter, 1st BSL Treasurer, and a BSL Founder.

Michael Quercio

Mailbox, Bolts - OF - Talented player and professional. In 1993, as an AIDS educator, he was invited to jog with President Clinton on the morning of the inauguration. Died in 1995.

Rod Ramos

1270 - Team Founder, coach/manager, OF.

Jim Reilly


Maureen "Moe" Richards

1270 team - 3B - Hard nosed player. Used her graphics background to produce memorable publicity for her team and the League. Worked to promote, and then establish, a Women's Division in the NAGAAA Gay World Series. A BSL Hall of Fame Inductee. Died 2009.

Dave Roberts

Uptown - Team manager - Free spirit, loved to travel - Also Uptown Club manager

Vic Santilli

1270, Luxor, Bolts - 3B - Talented hitter, loved to talk, 2nd BSL Commissioner.

Glen Silva
1990 - 2018

29 year BSL Member. Sporters, Ramrod Spurs & Machine, Whiplash teams. OF, 1B, a coach for Whiplash. Very good hitter, especially to opposite field. Offering his professional skills to the BSL as a "way to give back", Glen was an important BSL Website developer and Webmaster in the 90's and 2000's while also developing the first BSL Hall of Fame website. Died 2018.

Mark Sinico

Napoleon & Shamrock Stallions, Club Café Angels - Able team administrator, scorekeeper, Executive Committee member. Played key role in developing the BSL and Minuteman Tournament schedules. Was very happy to have become a League member, and dedicated himself to it.

Carol Soboczinski

Member of BSL's first women's team, Prelude, then 1270 women's team. Pitched for the 1270 team in the 1st Gay Games in San Francisco'82. Her flair for understated sportsmanship earned her the nickname "Chuckie on the mound".

Herb Stetson

Greenleaf Florists, Paradise - A BSL Founder.

Bill Stevens

Buddies - OF.

Danny Sullivan

Joining the BSL as a member of Worcester's "Mailbox" team, Danny went on to play with a few other teams before moving to Phoenix after playing many years with the Stallions. A fierce competitor, and athletic pitcher, Danny began his BSL career at age 40. Affectionately referred to as "the Old Man" or "Poopsie", Danny was a well liked easy-going spirit among all of his BSL friends. Died September 2015.

Ricky Sylvia

Randolph CC, Stallions, Mike's Gym - IF, C - Talented hitter, loved playing the game.

Jeff Torf

Randolph CC, Mets, Ploughboys - C, EH - Loved playing.

Tommy Uniak

Buddies, Luxor - OF - Natural softball skills.

Peter Woods

1270 (W), Bolts, Mets, Citi, Ramrod - OF, IF, C - High energy, loved to get dirty on the field, free spirit.

Gary Wurtzberger

Bobby's, Coach

Michael "Jeff" Zirpolo

Jeff was a player on the Ramrod in the very early days of the league and then manager of Ramrod for over twenty years sponsoring their teams.